27 July, 2010

Without coffee, doughnuts just aren't very appealing to be honest

Team Bloughnut gave up coffee for 2 weeks to reset the body and give the Team some time to relax, and we found doughnuts just weren't really on the radar (it's like Mickey without Minnie). But thanks to a certain team member bringing back some Stumptown all the way from NYC's Ace Hotel, Team Bloughnut decided 2 weeks was long enough without the black gold. We're back!

We were quiet, but still busy.  Here are a few photos from a small doughnut adventure at the beginning of my coffee fast.  The first two are from The Jelly Donut in Pleasanton: never trust a doughnut shop next to a Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza, especially if it's spelled 'donut' -- though they do have decent Yelp reviews, and though they did serve up a pretty half-decent maple cinnamon roll, which I have never seen before!

This next pic is from the Pleasanton Fair Grounds, cleaning up after the Alameda County Fair.  Apparently the new rage is competitive tweener sheep riding?!  "The Toughest Sport on Wool" --- maybe the only sport on wool?!

The last shot is another bit of an interlude, paying homage to the King of Bad, bigger than life, Mr. Eastwood himself.  Spotted on 3rd Street in the Dogpatch, San Francisco.

'Til next time, keep it doughy.