23 June, 2010

King Pin Donuts - Berkeley, CA; and an Interlude

News Flash: King Pin Donuts gives Bob's a run for its money!  Hanging out with Bloughnut fan Aliza R. we stumbled upon this Cal hot spot after hours.  Doughnut holes fresh out of the oven and the greasiest deliciousest maple bar!  I'll be back..

Interlude: I have seen this billboard on Mandela Parkway in West Oakland for years (though they recently added the Kinetic Steam Works banner) and still don't know what to make of it.  Anybody have a clue?  Though, it's kind of a nice little personal mystery.

21 June, 2010

Bob's Donuts - San Francisco, CA

Bob's brings the heat yet again with another fine showing.  After nearly getting a flat tire Team Bloughnut needed some relief and Bob's delivered.  Apple fritter, chocolate old fashioned, and maple french.  I'm still waiting for the day when Bob's starts slippin' but it wasn't this fine day.

In the window: another satisfied customer licking her chops, or a sidewalk stroller contemplating her next fried dough move?  Bob's: BE THERE.

14 June, 2010

Bob's Donuts - San Francisco CA

After feverish World Cup action nothing calms me down like a gigantic slice of apple loaf from Bob's.  I recently discovered this little piece of magic: Bob's takes the leftover doughnuts, mashes them up, and creates a giant loaf filled with baked apples and topped with raisins.  At $2.45 a slice it's not cheap but definitely worth it, and a good use of day old doughnuts if you ask this reviewer. 

 The glazed buttermilk evoked oohs and ahhs from the Bloughnut review team.  Bob's delivers, again.

06 June, 2010

Doughnut Dunking Etiquette - 1946

Here is a nice video from 1946 worth watching for anybody concerned with the etiquette of dunking your doughnuts.


Thanks to our international Bloughnut contributor Kelly Mc for the link!

05 June, 2010

HAPPY NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY - Dream Fluff Donuts - Berkeley, CA

Team Bloughnut joins in this national celebration of all things round and fried on the first Friday in June.  This day was first conceived by the Salvation Army 72 years ago to commemorate the women who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War 1.  For an early morning celebration we stopped by Dream Fluff Donuts on our way to breakfast at Mama's Royal Cafe for a sample pack: maple old fashioned, chocolate old fashioned (2), apple fritter (consumed in the Bloughnutmobile before we could get a picture), coconut cake, and crumb cake.

Dream Fluff knows what's up.  The fritter was aptly appley, massive, and the glaze not sickly-sweet.  The old fashioneds had the funky contours we have come to appreciate.  The cake doughnuts were moist, even after 5 hours in a paper bag in my backpack (though in all fairness maybe keeping doughnuts in a paper bag keeps them moist).  Our only concern is the maple glaze is very pale and sickly looking, noted on our maple OF and on the bars sitting in the store.  Overall we continue to give Dream Fluff high marks.

To acknowledge this important should-be public holiday we encourage YOU our faithful readers to in turn encourage your local shops to switch the incorrectly spelled "Donut" in their title to "Doughnut."  If you know us, you know how much "Krazy Glue" and "La-Z-Boy" and all the other stupidly misspelled, condensed, hyphenated, and otherwise annoyingly incorrect names really raise our hackles.

Happy National Doughnut Day, get out there and celebrate with some fried dough fireworks of your own.  Thanks to Bloughnut enthusiast Peter K. for the holiday heads up.