13 June, 2011

The Kitchen - Boulder, CO

Potato doughnuts with spiced chocolate dipping sauce. Damn!

21 May, 2011

Doughnut Plant - New York, NY

Doughnut Plant! This place is great, go see them next time you find yourself on the Lower East Side.

I found them thanks to our East Coast Bloughnut correspondent B. Laks, who chose the creme brulee doughnut---which led to an interesting (still unanswered) question: Is this even a doughnut?!

I chose the pistachio doughnut. Though I don't have any previous pistachio doughnut experiences to compare, I will still go out on a limb here and give it a 10. A perfect doughnut! This is the doughnut you want to have as a companion while watching the sunset in Essaouira.

Check out the bench at the front of the joint:

And the trophy for "Best Graphic Design for a Doughnut Shop" goes to...

Doughnut Plant!

18 February, 2011

Donut Farm - Oakland, Calif.

Hello faithful readers.  After a couple fruitless recent attempts to enjoy Pepple's newfangled organic vegan raised doughnuts, today I walked (in the rain no less) to the Donut Farm to see if they might be open.  Was I in for a treat!  From my last review you remember I was hopeful for my next visit, and boy did the D.F. deliver.  Their display case was fully stocked with fritters, twists, raiseds, and of course a wide variety of cake doughnuts---all organic, all vegan, all the time.  Well, not all the time, just Fridays 9am-6pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9am-2:30pm.

I just had a bit of supper at Commonwealth so I didn't need much, but I tried the cinnamon roll.  I must say it was delicious--probably tied with Red's for best cinnamon roll ever!  Being in a vegan doughnut shop, I checked myself before I asked them for a pad of butter (though they may have had an alternative).  They didn't have any way to heat up the doughnut, which is how this BLOUGHNUT contributor likes his cinnamon rolls.  Alas..

Self-portrait with vegan cinnamon roll:

Perfect consistency, not terribly sweet, loaded with cinnamon.  I hear cinnamon is good for you.

Visit Donut Farm on San Pablo next time you go to Berkeley Bowl West.  They are doing brunch on weekends and the joe smelled good too.  Doughnut-themed art on the walls.

See you there..

26 January, 2011

Pepple's Donuts via Mojo - San Francisco, CA

Our East Coast correspondent B. Laks was in town on official BLOUGHNUT business.  My faithful readers know I will rarely exceed my $2 threshold for a single doughnut.  This time B. Laks lost a bet so since she was paying I directed the gang to Mojo for some of that Pepple's vegan cake goodness.  The barista told us it was a crumb doughnut and that was all the information she was giving.  We detected some maple and brown sugar on this mofo.  Either way it was a fine complement to the Americanos on our table in the sun on Divisadero.

See for yourself.  Meet me at the Donut Farm on San Pablo in Oakland one of these beautiful sunny mornings?  I hear they're making vegan fritters now.