21 May, 2011

Doughnut Plant - New York, NY

Doughnut Plant! This place is great, go see them next time you find yourself on the Lower East Side.

I found them thanks to our East Coast Bloughnut correspondent B. Laks, who chose the creme brulee doughnut---which led to an interesting (still unanswered) question: Is this even a doughnut?!

I chose the pistachio doughnut. Though I don't have any previous pistachio doughnut experiences to compare, I will still go out on a limb here and give it a 10. A perfect doughnut! This is the doughnut you want to have as a companion while watching the sunset in Essaouira.

Check out the bench at the front of the joint:

And the trophy for "Best Graphic Design for a Doughnut Shop" goes to...

Doughnut Plant!