28 January, 2010

Colonial Donuts - Oakland CA

On this rainy Tuesday morning we visited Colonial Donuts near Lake Merritt in Oakland. Did you know there is a secret entrance from the Trader Joe's parking lot?! As usual, the crowd was mixed: old dudes getting their morning fix, slightly out-of-sorts folks, and young professionals on their way to work downtown. As predicted, the old-fashioneds were really well-formed (what's their secret?). I got a maple OF and a maple french. The OF was nice and crunchy but a little heavy for our liking. The glaze was a little crunchy but not terrible. The french was light and eggy, and HUGE! Just the way we like them.

The OF became a model for a bronze hood ornament I am making for my truck. I made about a half dozen molds out of wax at the Crucible Tuesday afternoon. I will refine them over the next couple weeks then pour the bronze!

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